Data Enthusiast

Lecturer and data science curriculum lead at NTU Code Camp.


PR 02:49:18 at 2017 Hofu Marathon.


Author of Learn R the Easy Way.

Quick glance of my work

  • DataInPoint

    DataInPoint is creating high quality data science tutorials from programming to machine learning.

  • Pyradise

    Learning Python the easy way at Pyradise.

  • NTU Code Camp

    Bringing data science program in class.

  • R 語言使用者的 Python 學習筆記

    2017 iT 邦幫忙鐵人賽 Big Data 組 冠軍文章

  • R Programming

    30 hours of in class R programming from scratch.

  • Python for Data Analysis

    10 hours of in class Python applications including pyquery, NumPy, and pandas.